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Ernest is a passionate film director based in Los Angeles, California. Ernest Goodman has written book: “The Art of Directing Actors” – for directors, actors, screenwriters – as well as others who loves directing actors so much.

He loves adapting classic novels and plays of famous playwrights and writers including Anton Chekhov, Henrik Ibsen, and Oscar Wilde to name a few.

He is currently working on two comedy films:

(1) The Man in a Case, is an independent feature film, modern romantic comedy set in USA, which is loosely based on the Anton Chekhov short story of the same name.

(2) The Bear, is an independent feature film, American adaptation set in USA, which is based on the Anton Chekhov’s play of the same name.

He pursued his master’s degree in directing at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. Since 2007, he has resided in Los Angeles, California where he teaches Directing Actors workshops in his own private studio.  He has also written a book about directing actors techniques titled,  “The Art of directing actors” .

He consults privately for directors for film and theater projects, helping them to make the script breakdowns and prepare for auditions and rehearsals. Additionally, he travels teaching and holding workshops in Europe, Canada and other countries.

At the Goodman Directing & Acting Studio in Los Angeles students are offered intensive workshops for directors and actors. Students get a comprehensive presentation, in-detail with practical – real life examples and scientific approach to their craft.

Feel free to check out our other websites as well:

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(3) The Bear film website –  www.bearthemovie.com

(4) The Man in a Case film website – www.themaninacase.com

Best of luck to you,
Ernest Goodman.